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One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

Groups of family, friends, or coworkers come together to give back.

Looking for one-time volunteer opportunities that support our mission and have a big impact on the families we serve? Look no further! The opportunities below are great for individuals, families, companies, church groups, school service hours, or for anyone who wants to help in their community.

Please note: Children between the ages of 6-15 are able to volunteer with adult supervision. For opportunities for groups with younger children, check out our Volunteer at Home opportunities.


Help our House smell like home by baking up something wonderful in our kitchen! We have all the basic supplies you’ll need, however, we ask that groups bring their own mixes and decorations. All food must be in its original package.
Time commitment: 2-3 hours

Host an Activity 

Are you good at crafts or maybe leading a game night? Think of the kinds of things you, your family, and friends like to do together in your spare time and come share with our guest families. Organizing a night of karaoke, bingo, or special craft can help keep little ones busy and often provide parents with a little relaxation.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours


We depend on volunteer groups to prepare and organize homemade meals for our families. Click here to learn more and to sign-up for Adopt-A-Meal.
Time commitment: 4 hours

Prepare Casseroles

On nights we don’t have Adopt-A-Meal groups scheduled, we serve casseroles that groups have prepared onsite in our commercial kitchen. Help ensure we are able to serve our families a hot meal every night by signing up to prepare a casserole. These opportunities are available every Tuesday & Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Time commitment: 2 hours

Snack Bags

Snack bags are a great way for our families to enjoy a healthy meal on-the-go! These are great for families to take with them from the House to the hospital. Bags are assembled at our House. We have snacks and supplies, but always welcome additional donations of individually packaged snacks.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Lunches of Love

Lunches of Love is a great way for families to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals on the move! Having an easy meal is the perfect way to keep our families energized throughout their days at the hospital. We will provide the bags and labels, while volunteers gather the contents and assemble the kits! This is a great opportunity for individuals or groups.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can volunteer?

Individuals and groups are welcomed to volunteer with us, however, at this time we can only accommodate groups of 10 or less. If you have a larger group, please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss additional opportunities.

Can I do court ordered community service?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept community restitution or court-ordered volunteers.

Can I volunteer on a quarterly basis?

Yes! Just let us know how often you would like to volunteer, and we will make sure we have you and/or your group on the schedule.

What are the ages of children allowed?

Children between the ages of 6-15 are able to volunteer with adult supervision. For opportunities for groups with younger children, check out our Volunteer at Home opportunities.

Will I be volunteering with other people?

No. You will only be volunteering with the group you are with. We do not schedule other individuals or groups with you.

Is parking available?

Free parking is available in the lot across from our main entrance at 550 S. First Street.

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