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Monthly Giving

Guarantee that families can be together during their greatest time of need.

Monthly donors are extremely important to RMHCK families and help sustain our mission. By becoming a monthly donor, you are joining a group of dedicated supporters who know the importance of helping families stay together, and close to the care they need, when they have a sick child. Your monthly gift allows families to focus on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, get their next meal, do their laundry, or lay their head at night to rest. Every gift reduces the burden on our families. By becoming a monthly donor today, you can help families tomorrow.

Want to see how your donations help the House? We’d love to give you a tour. Call us at 502.371.1444 to schedule your visit today!

Current Monthly Donors

Melvin Adams
Jeffrey Alcorn
Laura Anderson
Philip Armbruster
Catherine Ashe
Saeed And Nazenin Assef
Jonathan Beck
Beyond Massage
Jacqueline Bogard
Cerelle Bolon
Sam And Barbara Boswell
Susan Brady
David Bratcher
Gerald Brown
Mary Brown
Lori Brown
Robert Camfield
Johanna Campbell
Mary Carter
Amanda Cashen
Brooke Chanley
William Claggett
Richard Clements
Michael Clemons
Cathy Cook
Todd And Hope Cooke
Christi And Patrick Cowgill
Thelma Cox
Karen Coyle
Brian Davis
Kevin Davis
Lilly Davis
Logan Davis
William Day
Audrey Deterding
William Doelker
Claybon Douglas
Rita Egan
Henry And Marilu Eng
James And Linda Engler
Elaine Fehr
Kelly Fuller
Tom Galassi
Robert Gamble
Drew Gardner
Joyce Geary

Georgetta Gering
Jana And Brian Goemmer
Scott Grant
Kasey Guelda
Connie Gumlaw
Mary Hackett
Joe Hager
Richard Hallum
Chris Haragan
Dani Harper
Hal And Mindy Hedley
Will And Jami Hernandez
Deanna Hipwell
Amy Hoage
Jeanine And William Holden
Debbie Holt
Carol Holtsclaw
Andrea Howard
Jenny And Todd Howard
Dana Howlett-Blanford
Emily Hubacher
Jack And Katoska Jensen
David And Laura Johnson
Wanda Jones
Ron And Vicki Kiefer
Kimberly Lancaster
Debra Lewis
Liberty Missionary Baptist Church
Gary Marksbury
Clara Masden
Sarah Mckenna
Randolph Mcqueen
Dwight Mctizic
Sarah Melander
Christopher Merrifield
Doyle Miller
Dana Moore
Abdul Mumin
Kuntesh Naik
Shirley Neagle
Daniel And Stephanie Nelson
Joe And Denise Nelson
Eric Neustadt
Robert Nolan
Billie Nolot

Clayta Oliver
Dana Oliver
Barbara Oller
Michael And Martha Otis
Mike Owens
Jane And Lee Pfeiffer
Dennis Price
Barbara Richardson
Ben And Cathy Robertson
Edith Jean Robinson
Nancy Robinson
Jose Rosario
Jared And April Sage
Mary Ann Sanders
Vickie Santana
Gary And Debra Schmetzer
Donna Schweickhardt
Phillip Shackleford
Anne Marie And Gary Shinkle
Herb And Robbye Shulhafer
Aaron And Sara Silletto
Edward Sinkhorn
Susan Skolnick
Maryann Smith
Richie Sparks
Chelsea And Doug Spoelker
Tim And Brittany Statts
Tim And Jenny Stevens
Martin Storch
Susan Suddarth
Blake Summarell
Linda Tanguay
John Taylor
Robert Taylor
Michael And Debbie Thomas
Barbara Thompson
Vince And Tracey Van Nevel
Charles And Julia Vincent
Barbara Wade
Justin Walker
Tommy Wallace
Richard Walton
Deirdre Weber
Betty Westerman
Larry White
Lois White
Aaron And Laura Witten

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