Mary Learns Strength and Independence

  Give the gift of togetherness!

Mary in three pictures

Mary and her mom, Pam, found a community of support at Ronald McDonald House after traveling to Louisville, KY from Pittsburgh, PA for Mary’s medical care. Follow along on their journey over the course of the holiday season.

Mary in three pictures

Follow along on their journey over the course of the holiday season.

As Mary’s mom, taking care of her by myself after the accident terrified me. For months, I had received help from nursing staff, and now, her complex care issues were left to me. Without a car, without family, with just us – how would we manage without a live-in medical team? Thankfully, Frazier Rehab Institute connected us to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana (RMHCK), which bridged the gap from fear to freedom.

While staying at RMHCK, we were on a journey to help Mary walk and run.

Early on, Mary dreamed she would swim in the nearby YMCA pool. That dream kept us going during the weeks of Mary’s therapy. Miraculously, she showed significant signs of recovery. Mary gained strength in her abdomen, and her knees came back to life. Mary got cleared to swim and was thrilled to visit the pool!

In the safety of RMHCK, Mary learned strength and independence.

RMHCK became a place for respite. Pushing Mary down the sidewalk, after day-long therapy, we would see the place we called home and sigh with relief. We had so much to worry about, and yet we had so much to be grateful for within those walls.

Best of all, because of Ronald McDonald House, we had each other.

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