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Sharon Benim

Richard Bension

Olivia Bentley

Dr. Salvatore and Kathy Bertolone

John and Robyn Bischoff

Cheryl and Charles Boss

Donna Brewster

Britiff Enterprises, Inc. dba McDonald’s

Brownsboro Bible Study

Angela Brumback

Dr. John and Kathie Buchino

Ann Burge

Kelly and Joni Burke

Tom and Kathy Burrell

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Johanna Campbell

Cargill Foodservice

Sam and Amanda Castle

Cary Chernov

Carl and Cass Christiansen

City of Jeffersontown

Clark Family Foundation Inc.

Michael and Deborah Cochran

Victoria Coleman

The Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc.

Alan and Laura Conner

Jef Conner

Marion Cooke

Clay Cralle

Joycie Crandall

Sue Cravens-Stivers

Gordon and Lori Dabney

Nicholas D’Andrea

The Dallas Group of America, Inc.

Art and Myrna Davenport

Steve and Sharon Decker

Daryn Demeritt

Barry and Julie Denton

Brian Dixon

Laura Dunbar

Tom Dunbar

Wallace Dunbar

The Dunbar Foundation

Judy and Wayne Eberenz

Rebecca Eckart

Greg and Laurie Eichhorst

Patricia and John Emily

James and Linda Engler

William and Barbara Escher

Luke and Kim Etheridge

Richard and Linda Fitzpatrick

Tricia Flannery

Mary Ann Fuller

Kevin and Cindy Fuqua

Mitch and Linda Garrett

Daniel and Jennifer Garst

Michael and Jane Garvey

David and Karen Gatti

Gazelle Power Solutions

GE Foundation

Ronald and Lelie Geoghegan

Getz Foundation

Gheens Foundation

Jana and Brian Goemmer

Larry and Barbara Goudy

Randall and Karen Graehler

The Grainger Foundation

Greater Louisville Medical Society Foundation

Mary Moss Greenebaum

Jerry and Elaine Griggs

Pete and Karen Gritton

Craig and Cis Gruebbel

Pat Haag

Doug Habeeb

David and Linda Habich

Dr. John Sisk and Dr. Elsa Haddad

Matt Sheehan and Mimi Hahn

Robert and Susan Hallenberg

Todd and Kara Hamilton

Harshaw Trane

Kathleen Harter

Ted and Loretta Hartmann

Bob and Karen Hausladen

Scott and Kimberly Hawkins

Arthur and Suzanne Hedgspeth

Hal and Mindy Hedley

Luan and Harold Hedley

Kayla Henson

Kevin and Brenda Heyde

Mark and Jan Hieb

Ronald and Regina High

Hilliard Lyons

Deanna Hipwell

Jenny and Todd Howard

Lynn and John Howard

Humana Foundation, Inc.

Mike and Linda Ianke

Bob Iezzi

Peg Irvin

R. Simplot Company Foundation

Brandon Jaggers

James Graham Brown Foundation

Barbara Jarvis

Timothy and Kara Jenne

Greg and Leeann Jessee

Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence

Christina and Chris Johnson

Johnson Project Management

Larry and Vanessa Jones

Misty Jones

Mike and Linda Ianke

Bob Iezzi

Peg Irvin

R. Simplot Company Foundation

Brandon Jaggers

James Graham Brown Foundation

Barbara Jarvis

Timothy and Kara Jenne

Greg and Leeann Jessee

Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence

Christina and Chris Johnson

Johnson Project Management

Larry and Vanessa Jones

Misty Jones

Adam Kamman

Dr. Bradley and Susan Keller

Kelley Construction

Patricia and Wayne Kimbel

Rob King

Robert Kirzinger

Lon Hays and Alina Klimkina

Klosterman Baking Co.

Shelley Trager Kusman

LaGrange Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Greg and Julie Lander

James and Karen Larkin

Mary Elizabeth Lavelle

The Laurel Foundation

George Lawson

Lewis and Susan Lebus

Mary Lawrence Lennon

Lenox Group Inc./ISI America

Robert Leuallen

Shirley and Raymond Lindle

Phil and Stacye Longmeyer

Carol and William Gus Luckert

Doug and Stephanie Madison

James and Tanya Marquardt

Stephen Marshall

Marshall Family Foundation

Kristi Marski

Stephen and Elizabeth Martin


Material Handling Systems

Rosemary McAdam

Charle and Tori Murden McClure, III

Gregory McDearmon

McDonald’s Restaurants of Kentuckiana

James and Jane McKenzie

Kelly Meadway

Susan Means

Shirley Meeks

Shelley and Jack Meredith

Christopher Merrifield

Elaine Sue Miller

Deborah and Bill Molnar

Danny Moore

Julie Moorman

Matthew and Sara Multerer

Ben and Jessica Murr

William Musselman, Sr.

Neace Ventures

Paul Neumann

Laura Newton

Elmer and Betty Nichter

Noltemeyer Extra Lemons Foundation

Norton Healthcare

Debra Nottingham

Gary and Cheryl Owen

Mike and Lisa Palmisano

Kenneth and Dee Panke, Sr.

Duane and Sarah Dunbar Parker

Patoka Capital

Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc.

Thomas and Shelley Perrone

Authur and Lynn Peter

Peyton Construction

Rita Plomin

Justin and Emily Pohn

Chase and Rachel Hayden Porter

Michael and Wanda Powers

Dr. Jerry and Karen Rabalais

Bryce Raley

John and Jill Ramsey

Republic Bank & Trust Company

RMHC Global

Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation, Inc.

Katherine Roberts

Ben and Cathy Robertson

Claudia and George Robertson

Jeffrey and Ashley Rosen

Elliott and Marcy Rosengarten

Hunt and Cindy Rounsavall

Robert W. Rounsavall, III

Carla Roy

Andrew and Laura Ruble

Robin Rueff

Peter Rutledge, In Memory of Betty Rutledge

Kevin Sachs

Teresa and Mike Salvo

Samtec Cares/Blue Sky Foundation

Schneider Electric Foundation

Jim Schroerlucke

Richard Schwarz

Steve Schwarz

Billy Scott

Karl Sebree

Ken Selvaggi

Herb and Robbye Shulhafer

Aaron and Sara Silletto

Beverly Silletto

Edward Sinkhorn

Susan Skolnick

Johnny and Deborah Sluder

Brad and Patti Smith

Catherine and Jim Smith

Dawn Smithwick

Clifford and Carrie Speedy

Richard and Wendy Splan

Angela Champion Sprowl

Gary Stapleton

Wyatt Stedman

Sterling Thompson Company

Tim and Jennifer Stevens

Nancy Steverson

Bill and Pat Stiglitz

Melanie Prejean Sullivan

Taylor Enterprises of Ky, Inc.

Ruth and Jack Teeple

Sharon Terrell

Carl and Ellen Thomas

Trager Family Foundation, Inc.

Ben Tyler

Tyson Foods

UBS Matching Gifts Program

V.V. Cooke Foundation

Gordon and Cassandra Varner

Villari, Brandes & Giannone

Keith and Heather Vincent

Rebecca Washer

Jim and Shannon Wentz

WHAS Crusade for Children

Susan Whittenberg

Tim Williams

George and Nancy Willis

Dr. Richard and Mary Wolf

Ron and Nina Wolf

Don Wood

Carolyn Wurth

Randall and Doris Wyatt

Robert and Nicki Yann

Donald and Stephanie Young

Zelli Creative

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