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Welcome to Our Home

WelcomeSome people have their second home at the lake or on the ocean, but I don’t have to wander too far because mine right here in Louisville.  Every weekday, I am fortunate enough to leave my “country home” and head into town to spend time at my “city home” on South First Street – the Ronald McDonald House. On my way in the front door, I see this sign and it makes me smile! It gives a whole new meaning to “working from home”!

Admittedly, this is no ordinary second home.  It is 30,000 square feet and the MLS listing would look a little like this –

Bedrooms – 36
Baths – 24 full, 2 – ½ baths
Kitchens – 4, including 9 refrigerators and 10 stoves
Dining Rooms – 4, can seat over 100 people comfortably
Living Rooms – 4
Laundry Rooms – 5
Closets – Too many to count
Indoor and outdoor play areas
Amenities include – free wifi, cable, public computers and printers, movie, video game and book libraries, snacks and games, stocked pantries, coffee, milk and juice

Not too bad, right?!?  AND it is immaculate! We all show up to do our share of the daily chores that are required to run any household.  There is a routine, a rhythm that insures that the house is vacuumed and swiffered, the trash is taken out, the meals are made, leftovers are put away, the kitchen is cleaned up, light bulbs are changed, laundry is done, broken things repaired and the beds are made.

It is a house bustling with activity, people wandering in and out, attending to their daily business. We recognize the faces as it truly is “our” home – the families, volunteers, staff and donors.  We enjoy each other’s company, eat meals together, share our stories and provide support to those who are going through a rough time. We put family first, every time – because it is “our home” and we know that we are stronger and healthier together than we are individually.

Drop by and see us anytime!  Our doors are always to open to welcome visitors!


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