Tips for Staying Sane

As our Manager of Special Events, I have seasons of work that are considerably busier than others. My busiest time of the year by far centers around our McDazzle Red Tie Gala, which is rapidly approaching. Given that I’m in the midst of the chaos right now, I thought I might share a few of my secrets to staying sane and keeping everything in order. My list is below; I hope that perhaps you’ll find a tip that will be helpful for you.

1. Make lists and write things down! Just the act of writing something down helps me remember it. I often make lists or notes that I never have to look back at, but at least I know I have a back-up in case I do start forgetting things, and it feels really good to highlight things off as I finish them! (I may or may not write things I’ve already done on a list just so I can mark them off ☺)  

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2. Use different color notepads, pens, highlighters, etc. This one is huge for me. I always highlighted in my textbooks all through school. In college I got a few different colors of highlighters and used them randomly. When test time came, I realized that was remembering what color the information was highlighted in. The different colors helped me remember more information even better than before. I’ve found the same to be true at work when I use different color notepads, pens and highlighters. The different colored notepads also make it easier to find the particular paper you’re looking for if your desk should get a little cluttered with papers and such.

3. Use and love Pandora and/or YouTube. Great music can change your mood and attitude in just a matter of minutes. Take the time to mark the songs you do and don’t like on Pandora and start creating your perfect listening station. It is amazing the impact awesome background music can have. If you need a mental break or a pick me up, get on YouTube and pull up a video of a favorite up beat song. In fact, starting a few years back I began adopting what I call “The Official Song of McDazzle” and also one for our golf scramble. It is a song that instantly makes me feel energized and happy. It’s the song I’m probably singing in my head 80% of the time. It’s the song that takes me to my happy place even if I’m sitting at my desk overwhelmed with work. Some previous official event songs include “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes, “Raise Your Glass” by Pink and “Blow Me One Last Kiss” by Pink. The official song of McDazzle 2014 is “Timber” by Pitbull and Kesha. I’ve found Pitbull songs in general are really working for me this year. Hey, don’t judge me! We all have guilty pleasures.

4. Keep at least a tiny space on your desk clear. No matter what you have piled on the thing everyone needs a place to write something down or sit something important down now and then. You don’t want to have to move 20 things before your write down your brilliant idea, important reminder, or even your lunch order. 

Figure out what works for you and do it! Embrace your inner quirkiness and/or OCD. Give yourself permission to spend a little extra money to buy office supplies that you really like be it special pens, cute post it notes, colored sharpies, etc. It is the little things that make the work day more enjoyable.


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