Sweet Treats

Yesterday, Becca and I headed to LaGrange to visit our pals at Blooms to start making plans for McDazzle 2015 (more details about that in a later post!), and while we were in the area we decided to drop in Q&A Sweet Treats. As you may recall, Q&A was declared the “Tastiest Cake at the Party” at Cheers to 30 Years back in September. Their cake was certainly tasty, but that is far from the only thing they have to offer.

IMG_20141113_125113_727The charming bakery is located within a small white house, which is very fitting because the moment you walk in the door you feel like you’ve just entered the home of a dear family friend. Becca and I were greeted by the owner, Andrea Essenpreis, who welcomed us with a warm smile. The smell of sugary goodness filled the air and everything from the desserts to the décor was perfectly placed. You can take your sweets to go, or you can stay and enjoy the quaint atmosphere of the bakery while you eat. You can grab a chair near the magazines and books and read by the light of handmade lamps fashioned from old teapots, or you can sit at a small table surrounding the decorated brick fireplace.

IMG_20141113_145741_559 It took me several minutes to decide which of the amazing desserts to take home because everything looked amazing! I carefully selected two iced turkey cookies for my 6 year old and my husband and I opted for a pumpkins spice scone for myself. Becca took home a variety of cookies to share with her family and a cinnamon roll covered in icing that she intended to keep all to herself. Other choices included whoopie pies, black and white cookies, brownies, coconut macaroons, muffins, fresh baked bread, etc. There was even a sign letting customers know that fresh made pizza dough was available for purchase that day. Flavors differ daily so it seems the best plan would be to visit often so you can try several!

If you’re hosting a party, Q&A Sweet Treats is also an excellent choice for your specialty cake. There are photo albums filled with photos from previous orders and you can see tons more photos on their Facebook page. Andrea was telling us that they’ve even made a cake where they used royal icing to write the happy birthday message in braille for a visually impaired little boy.

As you can see, Q&A Sweet Treats is a really neat little bakery and dessert café. I highly recommend paying them a visit. While you’re there, do me a favor and be sure to tell them thank you for being faithful supports of Ronald McDonald House.


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