Small Victory

tough timesI tend to be a procrastinator. I had no idea what I was going to write this blog about and the time was ticking away. However, as I was closing the office at RMH tonight (and still brainstorming ideas), one of our moms walked in the front door with the biggest smile on her face and I had my answer.

Last night she’d came in with the opposite expression– on top of her son being at Frazier Rehab for therapy (over 200 miles away from home), her car had broken down. Tonight she saw me behind the desk and told me, still with the biggest smile on her face, that she had something to show me. She pulled out her phone and brought up a video of her son from earlier this afternoon.

Corey was in a car wreck 3 months ago, spent just over 2 months in the hospital, and then was transferred to Frazier Rehab. After the accident, his back was broken in 3 places, several bones in his face were broken, and he has a traumatic brain injury shearing 5. Tonight, I watched a video of Corey smiling (and almost laughing) for the first time since his accident over 3 months ago. His mama was over the moon happy and it was amazing to watch and share in the excitement of that small (but mighty) victory for Corey and his family.


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