Roisin Meets the Louisville Firefighters

photo 1Here at RMH, the fire department is not an unusual sight, unfortunately. With four kitchens, thirty-six guest rooms and a lot of smoke detectors, we do have some false alarms. But, with thirty-six families staying with us, we can never be too careful! Thankfully, our local firefighters are some of the best and are always quick to respond and give us the all clear.

We currently have a family staying with us from Ireland, and as I’m sure a lot of you know, we have had some pretty crazy weather here in the Ohio Valley. They have experienced snow storms in March, rains that require an ark, and when our fire alarm went off, they didn’t know what was happening! One of our wonderful volunteers, Peggy, was quick to direct them out of the building and explain what was happening. Once we were given the okay to come back inside, I got the chance to talk to Roisin. She had been taking a nap and was woken up by the alarm. She said this is why she shouldn’t take naps because all the freaky stuff happens. I think she should enjoy the naps while she can.

In a small way, reassuring Roisin that everything was okay after the alarm is exactly what we are here to provide. A safe place to land in the midst of the scariest time in a families life. A comfortable home during the unknown. And a friendly smile after a rough day.

When the firefighters had finished checking everything out, they offered to take a picture with Roisin, she was so excited to send it to her brother back in Ireland who loves firemen!


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