RMHCK Board Visits Frazier Rehab

RMHCK Board and Staff were treated to a tour with Dr. Andrea Behrman of the Locomotor Training Room at Frazier Rehab. We have had many families stay at our House who are going through this spinal cord injury program.

The September meeting of the Ronald McDonald House Board of Directors was held at Frazier Rehab. Following the meeting, board members were afforded the opportunity to tour the Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric Neurorecovery at Frazier.

Each board meeting begins with a mission moment. However,  it is difficult for board members to experience firsthand day-to-day House operations and see the impact RMHC has on the people it serves. Mission moments help members focus on the reason we exist. The visit to the Neurorecovery Center was one of those moments.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room at Frazier Rehab.

The Pediatric Neurorecovery Center specializes in locomotor training which targets certain types of spinal cord injury. Besides seeing the facility and hearing an explanation of the activities that occur in the Center, the members heard the story of one particular patient named Kyle. 

Kyle’s injury and subsequent rehabilitation therapy were described. Kyle and his family spent time at the Ronald McDonald House on several occasions.  Other children with spinal cord injuries have also spent considerable periods of time at the House. 

I came away from the meeting with a whole new respect for the wonderful work of the Frazier Rehab Center. The experience also reinforced my belief in the mission and the work of RMHC.

~Talbott Allen, a RMHCK Board Member and Volunteer

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