Oh You Must Know Ronald!

Ronald's Visit (24)Having come from a background in the health care industry, I just assumed that everyone knew about the wonderful work that we do here at the Ronald McDonald House. Come to find out, there is a lot of confusion about what we do and our relationship to the McDonalds restaurants.

Once people learn that I work at the Ronald McDonald House, they immediately start asking questions about all of the legendary characters that have come to be associated with McDonalds – Grimace, Hamburgular and of course Ronald McDonald himself. It certainly speaks to the marketing genius of McDonaldLand that started in the early 70s.map_mcdonaldland

What seems to be less known is that just 3 ½ years followingthe launch of McDonaldLand, the owner and general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles decided to reach out to a regional McDonalds manager with an idea that would catch fire and spread across the world. The idea that by providing a safe, comfortable place near the hospitals for the parents to eat, sleep and recharge would result in their children healing faster because of their ability to participate more closely in the process…. “Family-Centered Care”….way before it became the buzz word it is today.

A few points of interest –
• RMHC has local chapters in more than 60 countries and regions around the world
• RMHC programs can be found in 89% of the world’s best children’s hospitals
• Every year, RMHC helps nearly 9 million families stay together

For more information about Ronald McDonald House Charities as a global organization click here.

To learn about our relationship with our local McDonald’s Owner/Operators click here.


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