New Room Sponsor Plaques

I wanted to share the new design of our 30th Anniversary Room Sponsor plaques.

shoe plaqueMore importantly, I wanted to give our RMHCK volunteers recognition for the
being the FIRST room sponsors to get this red shoe for 2014. I also want to
thank them for commemorating our 30th anniversary by coming together to
sponsor one guest room for an entire year. Their Room Sponsorship has the
potential to help up to 55 families that will stay in Room 205 this year.

Why should someone sponsor a room?

Because in 2014, we had more than 1,800 families come to us needing a place
to call home while their child received medical treatment here in
Louisville, KY.

Because your contribution goes toward helping us provide families a place of
hope, comfort, and love 24 hours a day every day of the year at little to no
cost to them.

Because as a Room Sponsor, you will literally be a part of our House for a full year and you can make this your annual gift to us.

We have 36 guest rooms and some of those rooms do not have a sponsor plaque on their doors. Help these room and doors feel special by visiting


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