LTLB 2012 Recap

LTLB 2013 will be Oct. 24, 2013 at the Olmsted. Click here for details.

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The theme for the 2012 Lunch that Love Built, presented by US Bank, was from a quote by Kobi Yamada: “There is light at the end of the tunnel. Be that light for someone else.” Speakers Melissa Horton and Kinsey Morrison were shining examples of how dark life can get and the need for a little light, especially for families in crisis.

At our second annual Lunch That Love Built (LTLB), more than 220 people heard Melissa and Kinsey share their compelling stories of strength and triumph amid pain and crisis, and how the House was there for them. Everyone also viewed a video telling the story of Ameli’s journey from her home in the Netherlands to Louisville to receive physical therapy for a spinal cord injury she suffered in a car accident.

You can see that video here.

Respectful of the ‘lunch hour,’ attendees were served a hearty chicken salad, fruit and wonderful desserts. Everyone left with their own light to shine in the darkness, a customized RMHCK nightlight.

“The families that we meet have so much strength inside them,” RMHCK Executive Director Hal Hedley said after the event. “They have so much strength surrounding them and with the House’s help, with your help, we keep them strong for their child who is receiving medical care in Louisville.”

If you’re interested in supporting our 2013 Lunch That Love Built, please contact our Manager of Special Events.

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