Life of an Intern: Game Night!

DSC_0601DSC_0615As most of you know, the past few months have been very busy with the House staying full. This summer we also happen to have lots of children staying at the house, so in an attempt to have some fun I hosted a game night this past Thursday. We put out multiple board games, puzzles, treats, and even had a nice prize bucket thanks to some generous donations.  While I thought the night may only last an hour or two, we ended up playing games until about 10:00pm! Even Carl the Corn made an appearance, although he was pretty quiet during our game of Headbandz 😉


Not only was it great to hear the laughter of these children enjoying themselves, but it also reiterated the importance of fun events like these. Though a game of Candy Land may seem trivial, it gave our families a break from the hospital, doctors, appointments, and other worries that often occupy their mind and day. It gave our families the opportunity to get to know each other and lean on one another for support.  The relationships families build and strength they receive from one another is what make Ronald McDonald House what it is—and it is the reason we do what we do.DSC_0606

I may have lost one (or four..) games of Memory, but it’s safe to say Game Night was a success!


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