Hal’s Three Takeaways From the BoardMatch Fair

board matchApril 17, 2015

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of representing RMHCK at an event during which we were recruiting new volunteers and committee members.   It was a well-attended event, with over 40 non-profits represented, as well as hundreds of attendees interested in giving back to our community.
The event was terrific, and we spoke with numerous individuals who have an interest in helping us deliver our mission of providing a loving, caring “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children.   I left the event inspired in three ways:

  1. I always enjoy attending events with other wonderful nonprofits.   I was aware of most of the organizations represented yesterday, but I also had the opportunity to learn about a few nonprofits that weren’t so familiar to me.   Whether it’s human service organizations, healthcare providers, animal rights groups or anything in-between – we have a tremendous collection of nonprofits in Louisville who work hard every day for the greater good.
  2. It was a privilege to meet many people whose sole purpose in attending the event was to find ways to give their time, talent and treasure in support of our community.   Attendees spanned many generations, from recent college graduates to retirees.  They have widely different backgrounds and talents, but they share in common a desire to give back.
  3. Most significantly, several attendees shared their RMHC story with me.  Whether they (or a family member or friend) stayed at our Ronald McDonald House or Ronald McDonald Family Room here in Louisville, or one in another city, each person commented on how they were provided with love, strength, and support, at a time when they needed it the most.   Despite working at RMHCK for nearly fourteen years, I never tire of hearing from families we have served.  It reminds me of how important RMHCK’s services are, and how grateful I am for the support of our volunteers, donors, board members, and staff.


The feeling of getting an awesome new volunteer.

My sincere appreciation goes to each of you.  Thank you for your support.


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