Elliott Family Story

Five days after Rowan’s due date, a nurse at Bowling Green Medical Center told me today was the day I was finally delivering my baby. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours, as my precious girl struggled to come into this world.

When she completed her journey, Rowan was barely holding on to life. I was devastated when they took my angel out of my arms and out of the delivery room. She was in critical care and fighting for her life.

Four days later, the doctors ordered Rowan’s transfer by medical flight to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY.

I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House and by Rowan’s side for 39 days. I had a room – two blocks from the hospital – so I was close enough to Rowan in a matter of minutes if she needed me. Since then, I have stayed at the House multiple times when Rowan has needed further care. I don’t know what I would have done, but for the kind people at the Ronald McDonald House. Rowan and I owe them a great debt of gratitude that we will never be able to repay.
~Erica Elliott  

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