cake mix cookies

Cake Mix Cookies

cake mix cookies

Cookies: simple, easy, and great for taking on the way to the hospital!

Holidays generally mean lots and lots of cookies. But what happens when you don’t want to go through the trouble of mixing all the ingredients for a great cookie dough? You use a cake mix instead! So many service groups, volunteers and families use what we have available here at the House when baking, and most often we have a plethora of cake mixes. The end result is a surplus of cakes and cupcakes as well as lots of brownies on our counters. While our families appreciate all the goodies provided for them, sometimes there is a lack of diversity. Using one of our many cake mixes to make cookies could be the very thing to remedy our cake heavy counters. So the next time you’re at RMHCK and you want to make some bake goods, reconsider using that cake mix for some cookies!


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