A Compassionate Community


The impact of our House continues to make itself known to me. The everyday awareness of how our House changes families’ lives is like the incessant waves that touch your toes as you sit on the shore. The water isn’t crashing into you, but it is a constant reminder. When I walk through our House, I can’t help but absorb our organization’s purpose. And then there are moments of the more tsunami/hurricane type waves like the one that hit me this morning.

We know life can be chaotic for our guest families. Emergency arrivals and unexpected newborn deliveries are interruptions that turn life upside down. For a family, being in a new town, far from home, away from your base of support can cause anxiety and fear. And we make it our priority to create a space where families can find peace, comfort, and normalcy.

Today, though, it struck me that sometimes, life maybe chaotic for our volunteers and maybe they also come here to our space to find peace, comfort, and normalcy.

Dick Loading Cokes

Our volunteers donate a three-hour chunk of time every month. They usually volunteer same day, same time so I see them on a regular basis. In my head, they do their part, feel the warm fuzzies of helping those in need, and they get a gold star. Then regular ole life picks back up again – they go home to their own families, have dinner with friends, and carry on with the rest of their lives. And yet, until today, it never occurred to me that while they are making our House a home, they may be seeking peace from a hard day at work. Maybe they want to find comfort while turning over tough decisions in their mind or they need to feel normalcy after losing a loved one. Maybe our strength in numbers isn’t just who contributes to our success, but also our strength in numbers is also how we, together, foster a compassionate community to all those who walk through our doors.


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