A Priceless Dollar

kloe dollarHaving been privileged to serve at the Ronald McDonald House, I have been blessed beyond measure and have many, many sweet memories.  We have encountered people from all walks of the world and everyone you come in contact with has a grateful heart for any kindness shown to them. On 12-06-14, I was blessed to meet a little girl named Kloe, and was able to eat breakfast with her and love on her for just a brief time. When she left, she brought me a dollar bill, which I’m sure was a treasure to her. She kept insisting that I keep it, so after much back-and-forth I wrote her name on it and the date and I told Kloe I would hang it over my desk and pray for her every time I saw it. Not only does it remind me to pray for Kloe but for all the children, families and staff who enter the welcoming doors at Ronald McDonald House

~Susan, an Adopt-A-Meal volunteer

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