20 Questions with Sam

11693977_10204540421849425_6592580066754681739_nIt’s Friday which means it’s time for our second installment of 20 questions! I will be sharing a staff member’s answers each Friday (with some small commentary by me)Be sure to check back each week for the next installment! ~Becca

  1. What is your (full) name? Samantha Lyn Goral (She’s Sam to everyone around here)

  2. How do you spend your free time? Reading, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends

  3. If you won the lottery, what would you do? Invest it, save it, then travel

  4. What was your first job? Grading papers and tests for a family friend
  1. If you were a super hero what powers would you have? Who says I’m not a super hero? It’s definitely teleportation, I’m just not so good at it yet.
  1. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? Bread and cheese
  1. How long have you worked at RMHCK? Almost a year!
  1. What movie do you watch again and again? The Prestige. I always catch something new so it never gets old.
  1. Who would play you in a movie based on your life? Natalie Portman
  1. What’s your favorite color? Green
  1. Favorite beverage? Coffee (Did you know Sam and I work together at Heine Brothers? She’s quite the latte artist)
  1. Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest? Touch
  1. Early bird or night owl? Mostly night owl, but I can be either depending on what my schedule is like. (As a former Evening Manager I can honestly say Sam handles working second shift remarkably well, she even opens at Heine Brothers multiple times a week!)
  1. Where were you born? In a hospital…. In Milwaukee Wisconsin. (the queen of sass…)
  1. What’s your favorite Louisville restaurant? Taco Luchador is always good, but I like trying new things as well since Louisville has so many restaurants popping up all the time.
  1. What’s your favorite song, right now? That depends on my mood. Right this second it could be Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart.
  1. Where do you fall in the family? Oldest, middle, youngest? One of many? 4th out of 5, so bottom middle, but the only girl so that has it’s own dynamics.993823_10202795041736013_5883137228632134178_n
  1. What has been your favorite RMHCK event to attend? The obvious answer might be McDazzle, but I quite enjoyed Cheers to 30 Years. (see the picture to the right to see why…)
  1. What’s your favorite sport to play/watch? Favorite team? My favorite sport to play and watch is soccer, but I love watching basketball as well.
  1. How many articles of RMHCK clothing do you own? Only 4 I think, which surprises me.

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