Lunch That Love Built


Recap of 2012 LTLB | 2012 LTLB Facebook Album

Recap of 2013 LTLB (below) | 2013 LTLB Facebook Album

cookiesThe Lunch That Love Built (LTLB) is an opportunity to bring our partners, donors, and new friends together to be reminded of why our mission of providing a “home away from home” is so important to our community. This day is not about facts and figures. Instead, LTLB is about getting down to the real heart of the matter, the families who seek comfort at our front door.

They say the third time is charm. We tend to agree when it comes to this year’s The Lunch That Love Built. This year’s theme was “Where Home is Made” and we kept that in mind when we sought out stories to share with our audience.


Baby Karlee and her grandmother.

Our attendees had opportunity to meet Bryan and Madison Qualls, whose lives were turned upside down when their daughter, Karlee, was born at 24 weeks due to pregnancy complications. Madison shared how our Ronald McDonald House became their home while Karlee thrived and grew into a beautiful young lady. She made quite a cute appearance on stage.

Next, through our new video, we saw the bond that four families made while staying at our House this summer. Each family had a child, ranging from age two to fourteen, with a spinal cord injury. They captured how families at our House meet, bond, and become their own “family” while staying with us.

Finally, we met Donna London, who reminded us that with just one tick of the clock our lives can change dramatically. She shared how her son Jacob was nearly killed in car accident, and with grace and poise, she created a vivid picture of what that experience was like for her and her family.


Donna London

This year’s lunch was a powerful reminder that for anyone of us perfectly healthy can shatter into life threatening. The good news is that Ronald McDonald House is here to help. Parents will move mountains to help their kids get healthy and stay healthy. That’s why Ronald McDonald Houses across the world say “GO, go where you need to go and do what you need to do to get your child well, and when you get there…we’ll be waiting. We will be there with a safe place, a comfortable bed, a warm meal. We will be waiting with arms wide open. We’re going to take care of you so you can take care of them.” Ronald McDonald House is where home is made.

We would like thank U.S. Bank for serving as the presenting sponsor of Lunch That Love Built for the third consecutive year. Their generous support helps to cover event expenses so that all the contributions made that day go directly to supporting the families who call our House home.

If you’re interested in supporting our next Lunch That Love Built, please contact our Manager of Special Events.